The aim of ARB_CONV is to allow the exchange of data between family tree softwares. For example, the tree you've built by using Génération may be converted to another format, which may be read by another family tree software (let's say Famille for example).

Since release 1.00, ARB_CONV knows the following file format:

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    Download release 1.00 (July 5th 2001)
    Software archives/arb_conv_100.zip (81KB)


    Famille is a software developped by Guillaume TELLO. I told about it in this page because i've created ARB_CONV because of Famille (so that trees created for Famille could be printed out by using Génération, for example). Famille is a "multimedia explorer" for family trees. You can download it on the web site of its author : http://perso.wanadoo.fr/gtello/, or by using the following direct links :

    Archive : .../fami_fra.zip (french version)
    Archive : .../fami_eng.zip (english version)

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