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Where am I ?

You'll find there some of the softwares i develop. They work under an Atari GEM environment. I've also done some ports, available through my other web site hosted by free.fr : http://arnaud.bercegeay.free.fr.

For each of the software in the table, you can clic on the name of the software. This will open another page with more details about that software.

What's new ?

GSlib 0.5.1 (08.03.2006) * WOUTlib 0.3.0 (01.03.2006)

GSlib 0.5.0 (06.12.2005)

WOUTlib 0.2.0 (24.11.2005)

teatime 0.1.0 (10.12.2004)


Software description archive size
Family trees
Génération 2.04
(November 4th 2001)
all (doc+prg) archives/gene_204-all.zip (676KB)
documentation only archives/gene_204-doc.zip (498KB)
software only archives/gene_204-bin.zip (177KB)
arb_conv 1.00
(July 5th 2001)
Convert file format archives/arb_conv_100.zip (81KB)
Sites WEB
zH! 0.0.4
(May 29th 2002)
aH!2 + eH!2 + eH!1 + iH!2 + oH!2 archives/zh-0-0-4.zip (238KB)
aH! 1.42
(September 14th 1998)
Convert ASCII table in HTML files archives/ah_142.zip (66KB)
aH!2 1.99
(February 17th 1999)
Same... but better archives/ah_199.zip (42KB)
eH! 1.20
(October 11th 1998)
Add header/footer to html pages archives/eh_120.zip (84KB)
eH!2 1.99
(May 16th 2000)
Preprocessor for HTML files archives/eh_199.zip (57KB)
oH! 2.01
(May 14th 2000)
link checker of html files archives/oh_201.zip (55KB)
baH! 0.63
(May 25th 1998)
background image and color in html archives/bah_063.zip (90KB)
iH! 1.03
(February 7th 1999)
width and height parameters of IMG tag archives/ih_103.zip (72KB)
GEM Dynamical libraries (LDG)
ME.LDG 1.00
(Nov 29th 2002)
M&E (PARX.SYS): loading and dithering of pictures archives/me-ldg-100.zip (371KB)
XML.LDG 1.10
(Dec 8th 2004)
XML paser (pull) archives/xml-1.10.zip (78KB)
LDGinfo 2.10
(May 27th 2001)
an utility for LDG files and system archives/ldg_info_210.zip (73KB)
utilities for windom
GSlib 0.5.1
(08 Mars 2006)
Manage GEMSCRIPT protocol archives/gslib-0.5.1-1.zip (565KB)
archives/gslib-0.5.1-1.m68kmint.rpm (8KB)
archives/gslib-0.5.1-1.src.rpm (393KB)
WOUTlib 0.3.0
(Mar 01 2006)
Windowed-output (stdout window) archives/wout-0.3.0-1.zip (273KB)
archives/wout-0.3.0-1.m68kmint.rpm (7KB)
archives/wout-0.3.0-1.src.rpm (96KB)
riri2 0.74
(Aug 27th 2000)
image viewer, powered by ME.LDG archives/riri2_074.zip (154KB)
xprint 0.31
(December 9th 1997)
print out text file using SpeedoGDOS archives/xprint_031.zip (40KB)
rwi_info 0.10
(February 2nd 2000)
utility for RIM, WIM and IFX files archives/rwi_010.zip (28KB)
teatime 0.1.0
(Dec 10th 2004)
utility to check the duration of your tea infusion archives/teatime-0.1.0.zip (229KB)


You'll find hereafter some softwares that are no more maintened, nor up-to-date. Some of them are now available in other web site (this is the case for gemlib or doxygen).

Software & description archive size
UDO (modified)
compiled for FreeMiNT archives/udo6pl15ab-mint.zip (194KB)
compiled for CYGWIN archives/udo6pl15ab-cygwin.zip (185KB)
Doxygen (modified: exportation in UDO format)
patch (sources) archives/doxygen-1.2.18ab-patch.zip (15KB)
compiled for cygwin archives/doxygen-1.2.18ab-cygwin.zip (1480KB)
GEMlib PL38 for sozobonx
Librairy archives/gemlib38_sox.zip (37KB)
sources archives/gemlib38src_sox.zip (51KB)
momo 0.10 (December 17th 1997)
display an image in mosaïque
archives/momo_010.zip (31KB)
riri 0.11 (January 5th 1998)
simple image viewer
archives/riri_011.zip (49KB)

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