The concept of the RIMs modules form PARX is interesting, but it is necessary that all the programs which use these RIMs integrate a management of modules RIM, WIM, and TRM (which is not very easy).

This library has the role to integrate this "ungrateful" spot by proposing to developpers "simple" functions to get load, display or simply get informations about an image.

For the dithering of images, or the display to screen, ME.LDG can heavily use SCREEN.LDG in order to ensure an optimal result.

A good example of use of this library is riri2, which is available on this site.

Since release 1.00, ME.LDG is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.


One day maybe (?), an online documentation...


Download release 1.00 (Nov 29th 2002)
library + sources archives/me-ldg-100.zip (371KB)

See also...

For any information about the LDG system, please visit the official web site : http://ldg.org.free.fr.

You'll find there the development kit needed to use LDG library in your applications (library ldglib.a to be linked).

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