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the pacH! (pronounce "pack") is a set of utilities to assist you in the creation or the maintenance of web pages. If you write your pages by using a text editor (like i do), these utilities may be very usefull. All of them can be easily reconized thanks to their name ending with "H!".


It's the third generation of the utilies of the pacH! This software unify almost all of other pacH! utilities (eH!1, eH!2, aH!2, iH!2, and oH!).

Download release 0.0.4 (May 29th 2002)
software archives/zh-0-0-4.zip (238KB)


Convert "special" characters between "text" (8-bit ascii table used by Atari) and html entities. By "special" characters, i also mean non-breakable spaces before punctuation...

Download release 1.42 (September 14th 1998)
software archives/ah_142.zip (66KB)


The futur version 2.00 of aH! (still a 1.99 beta for now) is much more powerfull than previous releases. For example, aH!2 has a read-only mode that allow to check that html file and report errors if some characters met were not expected ( unknown entity for example).

Download release 1.99 (February 17th 1999)
software archives/ah_199.zip (42KB)


eH! automatically add, remove or update a header and/or a footer to some HTML files. The header is inserted in the HTML file right after the <body> tag, and the footer is inserted in the HTML file right before the </body> tag. This utility may be used to add a navigation barre to some html files.

Download release 1.20 (October 11th 1998)
software archives/eh_120.zip (84KB)


The futur version 2.00 of eH! (still a 1.99 beta version at the moment) has no common point with eH!1. eH!2 is much more a macro-language compiler, or a preprocessor for html files. To sum up, for each html files of a site, eH!2 looks for the corresponding htx file (same filename but with ".htx" instead of ".htm" or ".html" or ".shtml" as extension). This file is the html file with some commands inserted, that will be computed by eH!2. There are commands to include files, current date, date of a file (format is configurable), size of a file, etc...

Download release 1.99 (May 16th 2000)
software archives/eh_199.zip (57KB)


The version 2 of oH! is now far better than previous old version 1.24. So, the old version 1.24 is now more available.

The main aim of this utility is to check all the links found in your html files (images, other html files...). Even anchors are checked (tags <a name=tralala> and <a href="popopo.htm#tralala">), and oH! will report you if an anchor is missing, or unused.

oH! also allows to identify files that are no more referenced by other pages (this is the case for old background pictures (no more used) for example). oH! can also generate a hotlist readable by CAB which contain all the links "http://" found in your html files. This is a way to check "external" links.

Download release 2.01 (May 14th 2000)
software archives/oh_201.zip (55KB)


This software allows to adjust the parameters of the <bidy> tag, that is the background color, the text and links colors, and the background picture. You can ajust level of Red/Green/Blue of each of these color, and apply the result to one or several html files.

Download release 0.63 (May 25th 1998)
software archives/bah_063.zip (90KB)


Compute and add width and height parameter to images that have these parameters missing. If these parameters are here, the iH! will check them and report if the size computed from the picture file differ from the size specified in the html file.

Download release 1.03 (February 7th 1999)
software archives/ih_103.zip (72KB)

See alse...

Joe's trick

I can help telling you about "Joe's trick" by Pierre TONTHAT. These utilities are designed to be used with Joe (an html editor, by the same author), but you can use them as standalone application.

All these can be downloaded on the web site of Pierre TONTHAT: : http://www.multimania.com/nef/


GEMtidy is the adaptation of the must-have HTML-tidy application. This GEM version support some protocols that allow a nice interaction with text editor like Joe, Luna, EZ_EDIT... You'll find more details visiting the official web site of GEMtidy(http://gemtidy.free.fr).

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