WOUT (windowed-output) is a library that provide standard functions to print text to the screen (puts, printf, vprintf...), but redirected into a window. This library is designed to be linked with windom. Fonctions have "wout_" as prefix (wout_printf, wout_puts, etc...) and have the same parameters as standard C functions, so that a simple #define puts wout_puts works for your GEM application !

This library includes a wout_assert() function, similar to the standard assert() C function, except that the text is printed in the window opened by woutlib.

Sources of WOUTlib are now stored under CVS, in the repository of windom, the path is $CVSROOT/extensions/wout.

WOUTlib is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Warning: since release 0.2.0, woulib requires windom2.


This library requires windom 2.0.0.


The documentation generated by doxygen is now on line.

This documentation is included in the archive.


Download release 0.3.0 (Mar 01 2006)
libraries + sources + doc + demo archives/wout-0.3.0-1.zip (273KB)
RPM for sparemint archives/wout-0.3.0-1.m68kmint.rpm (7KB)
sources of the RPM for sparemint archives/wout-0.3.0-1.src.rpm (96KB)

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