This library, developped by Philippe CASTELLA, allows to load XML files using the PULL method.

I fixed a small bug, modified the sources to be built with GCC in 32bits, and use MEM.LDG if available.

CAUTION: because of some basic modifications, release 1.10 of XML.LDG is not compatible with the previous versions (1.04).

With the authorisation of Philippe, since version 1.10, XML.LDG is distributed under GNU Lesser General Public License.


One day maybe (?), an online documentation...


Download release 1.10 (Dec 8th 2004)
library + sources archives/xml-1.10.zip (78KB)

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For any information about the LDG system, please visit the official web site : http://ldg.org.free.fr.

You'll find there the development kit needed to use LDG library in your applications (library ldglib.a to be linked).

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